International Cable Event Qualifier Results

  • All of the women threw down in the qualifier

Moxie Pro Qualifier is Complete – Semifinals Are Live Now!

Amazing women wakeboarders from over 11 countries around the globe and of all ages submitted their entries for the cable qualifying round of the inaugural Moxie Pro presented by Body Glove with support from Supra Boats. There was great riding from all of the girls, but the camaraderie that was shared via social media and through the amazing comments on the Moxie-Pro website is truly inspiring and exactly what this series is about

Young Alice Faustino lead the fan vote in the qualifier for most of the voting based on her amazing riding for such a young rider. In the end though it was Taylor McCullough who took the fan vote win in this round and pushed herself into 3rd place and advanced into the Semis. All of the women who have advanced into Semifinals have their work cut out for them as they now go up against the top 6 seeded riders for a shot to make the Final.

The globally recognized seeded riders are: Julia Rick, Jamie Lopina, Lisa Baloo, Courtney Angus, Angelika Schriber and Anna Nikstad.

Qualifier Results

Maryh Rougier 88.8

Meagan Ethell 82.5

Taylor McCullough 71.2

Anastasia Syrova 68.3

Ashley Tabor 63.8

6 Rivers Hedrick 60

Kelsey Chiappa 57.3

Izzy Goode 54

Piper Harris 53.3

10 Dani Brown 47.5

11 Kathrine Shirriff 40

12 Katy Consoer 36.4

13 Alice Faustino 30.6

Semifinals are now live on the site, go Vote for your favorite line!

Special Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting the 2020 Moxie Pro!

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