A Little More with Meagan Ethell & Winner Interview

Meagan Ethell

Current hometown: Orlando, Florida

Country of origin: United States

Boat, Cable or Boat & Cable: Boat and cable!


When you first heard the announcement about the Moxie Pro what was your reaction?

I was so excited when I first heard about the Moxie Pro! It is such a big opportunity for the women in our sport, especially because this is an all-female contest. This event is paving the way for the future of women’s wakeboarding!

How do you think the competition is going to stack up since this is a world wide event?

Because this is a worldwide event, every women in wake has an opportunity to put their best lines down for this event. That means that it’s all on the line and it’s going to be one heavy contest!

As a professional athlete how do you try to encourage other girls looking to come into the sport?

I encourage other girls by trying to just motivate them to get out on the water and give it a try! When you have a good group of friends that you get to ride and have fun with, it makes it that much better!


Do you have any advice for a young girl looking to get into wakeboarding?

 I would say to go out and give it your all! Do what makes you happy on your board and don’t let other’s opinions get in the way. If you’re enjoying it and it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters.

Do you have a specific training regimen, special foods or activities as part of your day-to-day?

My day-to-day is always a little different, but I usually try to eat clean and whole foods. Also, I think movement is important, so I try to do something active everyday whether it’s going to the gym, riding, or even just going for a bike ride.


If you weren’t wakeboarding what would your next choice be?

Hmm, I usually don’t get that question much haha. I would probably try to do something where I can help people achieve their goals, make some sort of impact in the world, or a job that would allow me to travel! Also, I would probably live close to somewhere that has mountains so I could snowboard, mountain bike, and spend time being outdoors.

Tell us one thing people don’t generally know about you?

My favorite food is sushi. I could eat it every day and never get tired of it!

What’s the most amazing place you’ve traveled to go wakeboarding?

I’ve been to so many incredible places, but I would say Lake Como in Italy or Thailand have been my favorite spots.

Do you have a long term goal within the sport and industry?

My long term goal within the sport is to keep fighting for women’s equality. I want to continue to have an impact and fight for a change within our sport, and hopefully that reflects outside of our sport as well.


Unicorn trick you’re chasing?

I would love to do a 3-2-1, or a kgb 5!


Sponsors or anyone to thank?

I would like to give a massive thank you to Body Glove and Alliance for putting this amazing event on for us! I would also like to thank my sponsors, Body Glove, Red Bull, MasterCraft, Liquid Force, and Performance Ski and Surf for the continuous support. Also, I want to give a big shout out to every one of the ladies that submitted a line and helped spread the word of this event. It was so cool to see women supporting women to help grow the sport!



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