Jamie Lopina Doubles Down – Takes Both Boat and Cable Wins at the Moxie Pro Series Final Event!

  • Congratulations to Jamie Lopina on double wins

The Body Glove Moxie Pro Series presented by Supra Boats was capped off with two huge events just outside of Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend. The boat event was hosted by the Pro Wake Tour at Lake Lanier and the following day the cable event and closing party were hosted by the infamous Terminus Wake Park. All of the girls at both events absolutely put on an amazing show.

Boat Event With the PWT
In a brilliant collaboration with the PWT, the Moxie Pro Series final boat event was hosted by the Pro Wakeboard Tour at their venue on Lake Lanier this past weekend.. The women took advantage of the perfect wake behind the Supra SA 550 and put on an incredible show highlighting their prowess behind the boat. Based on the cheers from the crowd on hand, it seemed clear that they were thrilled to see the women on the water.

The conditions were a bit rolly for the women’s final which forced the girls to closely consider their strategy and take some chances. Whatever Jamie Lopina came up with seemed to work as she was the solid standout behind the boat with her smooth style and huge moves. Jamie’s ability to land a series of technically diverse tricks and complete her full run were the key factors in her win. Eugenia De Armas from Argentina put down some of the most technical moves of the day but ended up falling before her final moves, still managing to earn a solid second place. Taylor McCullough rounded out the podium with her time earned experience.

Cable Event at Terminus Wake Park
At Terminus Wake park, Jamie “FB” Lopina, Terminus local Rivers Hedrick and global cable standout Julia Rick put on the best 12 minutes of Women’s wakeboarding anyone has seen to date. All of the girls stomped 720’s off the kickers, locked in on every rail, spinning both directions in the same hit and had solid rail to rail transfers on the same feature. John Dreilling said, “I was really impressed, EVERYONE  was really impressed! The girls put on a really great show.”

The day opened with Body Glove SUP Yoga, Wake Well church service with coffee and donuts, Liquid Force Girls Learn to Ride and all of the pro women (boat girls included) practicing and warming up for the event. The day ended with free food, beer, music and an impromptu kicker & big air contest. To say it was an amazing day for the local community and for women’s wakeboarding would be an understatement.

The Venue
The Body Glove Moxie Pro Series presented by Supra Boats could not have asked for a better venu for the final day celebration & Girls Learn to Ride event. Terminus Wake Park’s staff are truly second to none. Their team of incredible people truly care about the sport and the riders and went out of their way to make sure the course was perfect, the riders were comfortable and that everyone was having a great time.

The Course
The Team at Terminus Wake Park with guidance from Anna Nikstad and Terminus local Rivers Hedrick hacked the Unit laden course to create one of the most unique setups any of the girls had seen. So much so that the locals were frothing to ride the event lake, every down minute on the cable was filled with young local rippers. Watch the videos closely to get a feel for each of the sections.

Eugenia De Armas

Moxie Pro Boat Event Final Heat Scores

1  Jamie Lopina 71.66
2  Eugenia De Armas 68.66
3  Taylor McCullough 60.00
4  Tarah Mikacich 59.00
5  Hollie Waldrop 59.00
6  Meagan Ethell 46.00

Moxie Pro Boat Semi-Final Heat Scores

Heat 1
1 Tarah Mikacich 77.66
2  Eugenia De Armas 61.00
3  Taylor McCullough 57.00
4  Kitt Smith 3.33

Heat 2
1  Meagan Ethell 79.33
2  Jamie Lopina 75.66
3  Hollie Waldrop 65.33
4  Bec Gange 63.66


Jamie Lopina

Moxie Pro Cable Event Final Heat Scores

1  Jamie Lopina 93.2
2  Rivers Hedrick 84.6
Julia Rick 80.5

Moxie Pro Cable Event Semi-Final Heat Scores

Heat 1
1 Rivers Hedrick 97.90
2 Meagan Ethell 92.10

Heat 2
1 Jamie Lopina 100
2 Anna Nikstad 90.00

Heat 3
1 Julia Rick 96.00
2 Taylor McCullogh 94.00

Moxie Pro Cable Event Quarter-Final Heat Scores

Heat 1
1 Rivers Hedrick 96.10
2 Jamie Lopina 93.90
3 Riley Payne 77.76
4 Lacy Carlton 76.14

Heat 2
1 Anna Nikstad 97.90
2 Taylor McCullogh 92.10
3 Shannon Stuckey 84.99

Heat 3
1 Julia Rick 98.10
2 Meagan Ethell 90.10
3 Hollie Waldrop 82.20

Congratulations to Jamie Lopina and all of the girls in this event, especially our podium finishers. Huge thank you to all of the Moxie Pro Series sponsors – Body Glove, Supra Boats, Indmar Marine Engines, Wake Well, Red Bull & Liquid Force

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