Constanza Coti Interview

Age: 28

Sponsors: Slingshot Wake, Body Glove, Sambucol, VWC, SunGod.

What board and bindings do you ride?
I ride the Slingshot Copycats 148 cm with the Copycats boots, best combo ever!

Where were you born: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where do you live now: I am on the go a lot. I spend my summer in Canada and during the rest of the year I am mostly at VWC. 

Favorite cable park: VWC

Who’s style do you look up to? So many stylish riders out there! Some of my favorites are: Anna Nikstad, Anne Freyer, Maryh Rougier.

Favorite hobby? Snowboarding

Rails or kickers: Rails.

Coti you’ve recently got a full video part in The Coalition. The Movie. The Trilogy. How did that happen?
After The Coalition. The Sequel. Was released, the crew always talked about creating a full winch movie. So whenever we had time we would go on a mission to get some clips behind the winch.  When Wes said he wanted to release the movie in September 2021, I realized I only had enough clips for half of a full part. But I really wanted a full part, so I got super determined and took extra time off work to go winching and finish my part.  

So it sounds like you left a lot of the filming to the last moment, how did the editor/producer Wesley Mark Jacobsen react to all the last minute clips?
Haha yea I did! Wes was super cool about it. He had my part already edited but I kept sending him more clips after the deadline he had given to the riders. As I winched more I was getting more confident and trying harder tricks so I wanted to add those clips to my section. Wes really went out of his way to re edit my part by swapping out some of my older/filler clips with the new harder tricks I had recently landed. 

What was the gnarliest spot you hit?
Every spot has its own level of gnarliness. It doesnt matter how easy it may look, theres always something that will throw you off.

Its tough to say but there was this spot in Canada that you had to go down a very thin concrete ramp with not much water and land in between two concrete blocks in shallow water. It was really scary because there was no escape route, you just had to do it. I smoked the concrete blocks a few times with my board!

What was your favorite spot?
There was a cool spot with a dam under a bridge and a perfect wall ride on the side.  I had been practicing wall rides at the cable park to hit this spot but I was worried about wall riding concrete compared to plastic. I got stuck on the wall and back dropped off the wall ride and lost my breath. Luckily, the water was deep. But then I figured it out and was able to land it clean!

Do you have any good stories you can share with us from any winch missions?
One time we were hitting a spot that we didn’t think it was private property and this man shows up super heated with his hand on his gun to kick us out, very aggressively. We were about to switch riders, so Dary and I were there when he showed up. He said he had called the Sheriff, that he was on his way, still holding his gun, he thought we were homeless people camping there that he had kicked out last week. After explaining the situation to him, he calmed down and was totally cool with it and even let us come back the next day! He just said to watch out for snakes and needles in the creek. 

What motivated you to spend so much time and effort out in the streets?
Riding the cable every day is awesome but you get more thrill and satisfaction after making a spot work for you. Also, having a good group of friends down to help you and motivate you is key! 

What’s your usual role during winch missions?
I bring the snacks and cold drinks! I pack a cooler to make sure no one gets hangry. I don’t have a set role because everybody takes turns and doing whatever needs to be done, sometimes I’m driving, sometimes I’m filming, sometimes i’ll be pulling down the rope for swimmers, and if we have a lot of people in the crew, sometimes I’m tanning. 



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