Studies say 4 year old children ask about 300400 questions per day. Mother’s ask about 100. We figure wakeboarders only ask smart and relevant questions, so we tried to answer as many as we could in advance below. Inevitably, we have missed a number of them. So read below, then ask away and we will try to answer them all.

Registration for the event will cost $50 and be available on the www.moxie-pro.com website.

Please see the Video Capture and Video Submission section in the rules and read it carefully. Failure to comply with the capture requirements could disqualify an athlete from the competition.

Athletes will be placed into heats based on the 2019 WWA Wakeboard and Wakepark World Championship event results. 6 athletes from each discipline (Features Only & Boat) will be seeded into the semifinal round leaving 10 open spots that will come from the open qualifier.

All submissions will be entered into the open qualifying round and reviewed by our judging panel as well as be voted on by the public/fan vote on Moxie-Pro.com. The top 10 submissions based on the judges scores and the fan vote from the open qualifier will be placed into semifinal heats with the previously seeded 6 athletes from the 2019 WWA World Championships. 

  • Semi-finals

          Semifinal heats will be 16 athletes; 2 heats of 8 riders, top 4 in each heat will advance to the final.Semifinals will be published through the Moxie-Pro.com                website for both judges scoring and fan voting.

  • Finals

           The top 4 girls from each of the semi final heats will advance to the final for judges review and fan voting on Moxie-Pro.com. 1 final of 8 riders

4 professional judges will review each heat, each judge carries a total of 20% of an athlete’s score. The final 20% will be decided by the public fan voting component.

Athletes will be required to fill out a W9 (USA) or a W8ben (outside of the US) and then Moxie Pro will send a check or pay via EFT.

Minimum Total Prize Purse = $20,000 (nothing limits the organizer from increasing the total prize purse)

Digital Event Purse Breakdown

$4,000 per event

1st = $2,000

2nd = $1,000

3rd = $500

Fan Vote = $500

Best Trick = $250

Final Live Event

Boat Event = $8,500

 1st = $4000

 2nd = $2,000

 3rd = $1,000

4th = $500

5th = $400

6th = $300

7th = $200

8th = $100

Cable Event = $8,500

1st = $4,000

2nd = $2,000

3rd = $1,000

=4th = $500

=4th = $500

=4th = $500