A Little More with Julia Rick & Winner Interview

Julia Rick

Current hometown: Cologne

Country of origin: Germany

Boat, Cable or Boat & Cable: Cable


When you first heard the announcement about the Moxie Pro what was your reaction?

I was super stoked about this online competition for women and wanted to enter immediately!

How do you think the competition is going to stack up since this is a world wide event?

I think this competition will do great and many international athletes are going to enter!

As a professional athlete how do you try to encourage other girls looking to come into the sport?

I just try to share my passion for wakeboarding with other girls and try to show them how much fun it is!

Do you have any advice for a young girl looking to get into wakeboarding?

If you are interested in this sport, don’t be shy or afraid, just go to any cable park and try it out! The people will be friendly and help you out!

Do you have a specific training regimen, special foods or activities as part of your day-to-day?

Besides Wakeboarding I usually workout in the gym on a daily basis to stay fit and prevent injuries! Recently I started Skateboarding and it’s my new passion besides Wakeboarding 🙂

If you weren’t wakeboarding what would your next choice be?

I think I would have continued my career as a professional soccer player. I played in the 2nd highest league of Germany and stopped because of wakeboarding!

Tell us one thing people don’t generally know about you?

I love to Skate!

What’s the most amazing place you’ve traveled to go wakeboarding?

That’s a hard question! There are so many awesome places where I traveled to go wakeboarding! I think my favorite places are Thailand and Brazil!

Do you have a long term goal within the sport and industry?

I definitely want to continue to push the level of women’s wakeboarding. I already have a trainer license so I would like to give the sport something back by coaching people / the next generation of wakeboarding.


Unicorn trick you’re chasing?

I’m always trying something new, but at the moment there is no special one to mention.


Sponsors or anyone to thank?

Bundeswehr, Panasonic, Ronix Wake, Mystic Wake, Sporthilfe, Ironmaxx. Of course thanks to Alliance Wake and Body Glove for organizing this comp!!



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