Superlative Awards | Queen of Style – Rivers Hedrick

2021 Queen of Style

As mentioned before, style is a subjective entity and the target is constantly moving, making it hard to claim just one person as having the “best” style. For 2021 we knew we needed to add another category regarding style, especially after watching this one particular rider.

Cable wakeboarding has been on a steady growth curve for years now with new cable parks popping up around the world. Once a park opens it only takes a few years to see the local groms become hometown heroes

rivers hedrick alliance wake queen of style indy

During the 2021 Moxie-Pro Series, some of the best women riders from all across the world came to compete both digitally and in person. Many of these women have achieved the most prestigious accolades the sport has to offer, but despite this fierce competition one such hometown hero overcame the odds at Terminus Wake Park outside Atlanta, Georgia during the last stop of the Moxie-Pro series.

rivers hedrick alliance wake queen of style

15-year-old Rivers Hedrick put on a style clinic throughout the event. Not only were all of the tricks in her run technical enough to award her second place overall, but on top of that every trick had a level of style that was unmatched over the course of the day. It goes without saying that Rivers’ style transcends one day’s worth of competition, but this story exemplifies that even in the most stressful situations River’s undeniable flair shines through in a way that caught everyone’s attention. If you haven’t heard of her yet, ya better start paying attention now.




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