Moxie Pro Rules: Entries, video submission, judging and scoring criteria, heat flow, seeding and ranking information and athlete code of conduct.


Event Format:

This contest is based on creating video line submissions while wakeboarding behind a boat or at a cable park.

  • Cable Features Event- Riders are charged with submitting one ”features only” consecutive 5 trick line with at least one kicker hit, but no more than 2 kicker hits
  • Boat Event- Riders are charged with submitting one consecutive 6 trick line with at least one Less Than 5 move (the Less Than 5 Move is defined as anything less than a 540 rotation that is not inverted; straight airs, 180’s, 360’s. The goal here is to promote style and be relatability for the masses).



Athlete entry form must be submitted via the link on  

The entry fee per event is $50 as indicated on the entry form.


Entry Deadline 

Moxie Pro Event 1 – Cable event entry due date:                    Friday, June 18th, 2021

Moxie Pro Event 2 – Boat event entry due date:                      Friday, July 16th, 2021 

Moxie Pro Final Event 3 – Cable & Boat live event invitations to go out August 2nd, 2021. All finalists from the cable and boat event will be invited to compete on site at the final event. 


Video Submissions:  

Submit your riding videos for Event 1, CABLE LINES HERE

Submit your riding videos for Event 2, BOAT LINES HERE


Video Capture:

As this is a judged event, we are looking for continuity. Please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Horizontal Video: You must shoot your video HORIZONTALLY
  • Angle/Location – Cable: Your cinematographer should shoot with a drone or by riding doubles with a GoPro. You must shoot horizontally in 1920×1080 60P 
  • Angle/Location – Boat: Your cinematographer must shoot from the middle of the boat at a medium camera height. Format: You must shoot horizontally in 1920×1080 60P
  • Framing: Please frame the rider in the middle of your screen with enough perspective to judge height and distance traveled. Do not pull in tight on your rider as that will hamper our ability to judge her run effectively.
  • Quality: Please shoot with the best quality camera and most experienced videographer possible.
  • No Editing: No editing of the rider’s line outside of  length of clip is allowed. 


Video Submission:

  • You must deliver a single clip in the following format: 1920×1080 60P – MP4 H.264 codec
  • File naming convention: RiderfirstnameRiderlastname.MoxiePro.CableorBoat
  • Videos will be run at full speed when judged and when placed online


Safety Equipment:

All contestants shall wear a U.S. Coast Guard – Approved life jacket or a life jacket that will absolutely float a contestant who is unconscious.  A “Wet Suit” life jacket shall have a locking device in addition to the zipper closure. A “Pull Over” or “Side Entry” life jacket shall have a locking device, zipper, or a drawstring.

  • All contestants in the cable event must wear a helmet
  • Any athlete not wearing an approved life vest will be disqualified
  • Safety violations can result in disqualification



Rounds can be altered at the Moxie Pro Series’ discretion due to number of entries or any other applicable situation as designated by the series.



If an entrant desires to cancel her entry for whatever reason(s), she is required to notify the Event Director by phone or email on or before 5:00 pm PT on or before the last date of open registration.


Scoring Criteria:

For the Digital Events – For the Qualifier and Semi-Final rounds only, each athlete will receive 4 scores for each run. Riders will receive 3 scores from top level wakeboard officials and one score from the spectator/fan vote. Each judge’s score will be worth 25 percent of the athlete’s overall score. The judges will give each athlete’s run a score from .1 to 10, the fan vote scores will be allotted based on placement in the fan vote. The four judges scores will be summed and multiplied by 2.5 to come up with an overall score out of 100. Each judge will evaluate/analyze the athletes’ runs based on an overall impression and score them appropriately. Judges will be able to reward as well as penalize athletes according to the performance of their runs. Judges will be looking for the most versatile athlete by breaking it down into difficulty, risk, intensity, variety and execution or the D.R.I.V.E scoring format.

For the final heat, the 3 judges scores will count for 100 percent of the judges scoring/placements. For the final heat, the Fan Vote will count for 100 percent of the fan vote score. there will be a Judges winner and a Fan Vote winner for each final heat.


  • Trick difficulty (Technical Difficulty) – This is simply defined as how difficult each trick is based on a number of variables. Spins, rolls or flips including spins, grabbing your board, handle passes and the way an athlete lands all subjectively define how difficult certain tricks are in comparison to others.
  • Number of rotations
  • Combos (combining tricks, adding spins, grabs etc)
  • The direction an athlete spins in relation to the trick. Frontside or backside 
  • Switch vs. regular stance
  • Frontside vs backside stance
  • Handle pass vs. landing wrapped
  • Grabbed or not



  • Linking difficult moves
  • Trick difficulty in relation to the course
  • Risk – An athlete opening their run with a technically difficult trick would be considered high risk. Risk is also demonstrated by how an athlete performs their tricks and whether or not they display a sense of “putting it all on the line” in order to win.



  • Judges look for how big or high the athlete is taking each of their tricks.  
  • How hard the tricks are that are put into the run



  • A variety of tricks performed in a pass is what judges are looking for in order to determine the most versatile athlete. A good run should have tricks from all categories and be well rounded. This shows an athlete is skilled at all types of maneuvers and therefore showing variety in their performance.
  • Were the tricks all based on the same base move?
  • Were the grabs different?
  • Did the rider spin multiple directions?



  • Completion of the Trick – This is essentially how the trick was performed and that the athlete was in control. Control and poise during a trick shows the athlete is confident in that trick and it is well executed. Control and smooth completion of a trick also shows a mastery for that particular move. 
  • The Landing – This is simply how clean the landing was of the trick. If the athlete butt checks, drags a hand, switches 180 to avoid falling, or looks out of control after they have landed this can negatively affect the execution category.
  • Perfection – Judges are looking for how “clean” or how perfect EACH trick was performed. Judges look at the approach, the body position, rotation of the trick, the axis of the body, head position, handle position, clean grabs not slaps, speed to which the trick was performed. An athlete completing their run without falling also demonstrates perfection.
  • Flow- Flow is when an athlete can link their tricks together to make them look like they connect smoothly from one to another.  
  • Interpretation – Did the athlete customize or adapt the move to make it original to their riding



  • Creativity of course management and time is crucial in achieving a smooth, fluid run. Judges will only score tricks successfully completed.  



  • Ties will be broken by placements. The first tie breaker will go to the rider with most first places. Second tie breaker will go to the rider with most second places and so on until the tie is broken.


Reviewing Scores: 

  • There will be no protesting of scores. A rider may choose to look over their heat results page to see the official scoring and placement from each judge.


Heat Seeding:

All seeding for the 2021 Body Glove Moxie Pro cable and boat event will be based on the results from the 2020 Body Glove Moxie Pro digital cable and boat event results respectively.

Boat Seeding:

1- Meagan Ethell, 2- Bec Gange, 3- Mary Morgan Howell, 4- Tarah Mikacich, 5- Carro Djupsjo, 6- Dallas Friday, 

Wakepark Seeding:

1- Julia Rick, 2- Maryh Rougier, 3- Lisa Baloo, 4- Courtney Angus, 5 – Anna Nikstad, 6 – Meagan Ethell

Heat Flow:

For the 2020 Moxie Pro there will be an open qualification round open to all women athletes. From this open qualification round there will be 10 spots available into the semifinal round of 16. 

For each round including the qualification round, all rider lines will be placed on the website for both the professional judges to review as well as the public to vote on. The athletes with the highest scores in each round will advance – top 10 from the Open Qualifier and top 4 from each of the 2 semifinal heats of 8.

  • Semifinals – 2 heats of 8 riders, the top 4 riders in each heat will advance to the final round.
  • Finals – top 8 riders


Ranking Points:

A point system which awards points for each placement will be used in each contest of the Moxie Pro. Contest seedings will be based on the system illustrated above in Seeding.

Placement Points – Ranking points will be awarded based on the athlete’s event placement according to the following scale:


                Placement         Points           Placement           Points                         

                 1st                       100                19th                      18

                 2nd                      90                  20th                    17    

                 3rd                       80                  21st                     16

                 4th                       75                  22nd                    15

                 5th                       70                  23rd                     14

                 6th                       65                  24th                     13

                 7th                       60                  25th                     12

                 8th                       55                  26th                     11

                 9th                       51                  27th                      10

                 10th                     47                  28th                       9

                 11th                     43                  29th                        8

                 12th                     39                  30th                       7

                 13th                     35                  31st                         6           

                 14th                     31                  32nd                       5

                 15th                     27                  33rd                        4

                 16th                     23                  34th                        3

                 17th                     20                  35th                        2

                 18th                     19                  36th                        1


Series Final:

The series final champion will be determined by combining all points from all of the events in the series, including the final. In the case of a tie for the top spot, the criteria to break the tie are: The first tiebreaker is the rider who had the most 1st place finishes. The second tiebreaker is the rider who has the most 2nd place finishes. The third tie breaker is the rider that finishes highest at the final event.


Prize Money Breakdown:

For 2021, the Moxie Pro Series has committed to a minimum of a $20,000 prize purse for the 2021 competitive season.

Cable Event = $4,000

1st – $2,000

2nd – $1,000

3rd – $500

Best Trick – $250

Fan Vote – $250

Boat Event = $4,000

1st – $2,000,

2nd – $1,000

3rd – $500

Best Trick – $250

Fan Vote – $250

Final Event = TBD 


Prize Money Payout:

Prize money will be paid directly to the appropriate rider only, except when a rider files a request for her prize money to be paid into a trust fund or to a parent or guardian.


Code of Conduct:

Any Athlete or official whose conduct is deemed unsportsmanlike, or who may cause discredit to the Moxie Pro Series, WWA or sponsors, during the period of time of the contest may be fined and/or disqualified, as determined by the Series Chief Judge, and/or Series Management. The Moxie Pro Code of Conduct outlines the standard of behavior expected of all athletes, family members and friends as well as all officials employed or volunteering with the Moxie Pro. It is a formal statement of the values and ethical standards that guide individuals in sport. It is a set of principles and norms to which sportspeople and officials can be held accountable when representing their country, sponsors or simply themselves at any Moxy Pro event. The Code is used as a point of reference when dealing with disciplinary procedures for any athlete or extended family. I will: 

  • Respect the rules and play in the spirit of the game
  • Display high standards of behavior that promote a positive image for wakeboarding
  • Respect my opponents
  • Respect other athletes and official’s cultures and beliefs
  • Respect the officials and their decisions
  • Be gracious in victory and defeat
  • Compete fairly
  • Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language or behavior on or off the water
  • Strive to maintain a sense of self-control and dignity at all times
  • Thank officials and contest organizers
  • Maintain a sense of integrity
  • Respect the facilities and equipment
  • Do my best to try to be a true team player
  • Never advocate or condone the abuse of drugs or other banned substances or methods
  • Reject corruption, drug abuse, racism & violence 
  • Help others to resist corrupting pressures
  • Denounce those who attempt to discredit the sport
  • Honor those who defend the sport’s good reputation
  • Never provide under age participants with alcohol
  • Communicate and cooperate with registered medical practitioners/testing centers in the diagnoses, treatment and management of medical problems and respect the concerns these medical people have when they are considering my future health and well-being and when they are making decisions regarding my ability to continue to play or train
  • Provide interviews to official and on-site event media as requested regardless of heat result