Indy Scarecrow with Tarah Mikacich

How to do a Indy Scarecrow with Tarah Mikacich

Tarah Mikacich has been spreading the stoke of wakeboarding for years now. She and her husband, Cobe, own Freedom Wake Park, right in the heart of Orlando. On most days she’s out there coaching, riding, and showing people not only how to improve, but getting plenty of water time herself. We hit up Tarah to get a little insight on a pretty common invert, the scarecrow (front roll 180), but asked her to add a little twist on it. Usually grabbed melan or nose, throwing an indy on this trick makes it feel like a completely different maneuver. 

“This trick clicked for me as soon as I dialed in my indy front roll. The key was patience on the take-off. I actually see my front foot ride up the wake (a bit in front of my body) and push off the top. This helps drive the trick up vertically, and the grab comes more easily.” – Tarah

Do: Take a narrow/medium approach, turning your shoulders to face the wake. Make sure to cut a bit stronger as you get closer to the wake.
Don’t: Lead with your shoulders or let your body open towards the boat on the approach.

Do: Push off your front foot. Let the energy of the wake travel up through your hips and push off the top.
Don’t: Dive forward off the release or get ahead of your board.

Do: Wait until you’ve gotten your pop before bringing your knees in. Keep the handle in tight so you control the rotation while you grab.
Don’t: Reach for the grab too early or forget to bend your knees.

Do: Bring the handle and your back hip closer together. Soften your knees for the landing. Look toward where your board will continue to ride after it touches down.
Don’t: Drop your head or land too stiff with your legs.

Toeside wake jump, Toeside frontside 180, Toeside backside 180 & late grab, Toeside backside 360 & late grab, Toeside backroll, Toeside backside off axis 180 & late grab, Toeside backside off axis 360.




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