Moxie Pro Series Boat Event Is In Full Swing

  • Meagan Ethell, a top seed in the Moxie Pro Boat Event

Moxie Pro International Boat Event Goes Live September 21st

Coming off an extremely successful cable event to kick off the 2020 Moxie Pro Series, the Moxie Pro Series boat event is now in full swing with equal fanfare and global participation. The athlete lines submitted thus far are another example of how hard the women of the sport are pushing their craft and performance.

The Moxie Pro Presented by Body Glove with support from Supra Boats, Indmar Marine, Liquid Force and Lead Wake, the boat event is kicking off with the same incredible support and enthusiasm we witnessed with the cable event. Open to video submissions from around the globe, the Moxie Pro is a first of its kind event series to focus on the women of the sport of wakeboarding while providing a voice and platform inspiring future participants looking to be a part of an amazing sport and community.

This week’s Moxie Pro boat event represents another milestone for the sport, not only for the women competing but also how the entire community can be a part of the process through online voting and social media promotion. Thinking differently was what provided the pathways to creating something entirely new while never leaving the primary goal; creating a progressive event series supporting the women’s category exclusively.

As one of the largest supporters and brands that perpetuate the women’s active lifestyle, Body Glove is a natural fit for a movement of this magnitude. The same can be said for the support and uplift Supra Boats has provided to the Moxie Pro along with Indmar Marine,  Lead Wake and Liquid Force. These brands understand and support the community spirit that can only be found in the wakeboard boating environment. Each of these brands are a fantastic partner for the team at Alliance MultiMedia and have been equally passionate about the activity and the Moxie Pro Series.

The Moxie Pro Series would not be possible without our sponsors – huge thanks go out to Body Glove, Supra Boats, Indmar, Lead Wake, Liquid Force



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