Julia Rick wins the 2021 Body Glove Moxie Pro Presented by Supra Boats Cable Event!

  • Congratulations Julia Rick

The 2021 Body Glove Moxie Pro Series presented by Supra Boats has just completed the first of three events and in a very close heat, Julia Rick of Cologne, Germany has once again come out on top of the podium.

This cable final offered the most technical and diverse cable riding anyone has ever seen in one heat. With style, tech, size, flow and creativity all coming together to create the best lines. The judges (Angelika Schriber, Sina Fuchs and Melissa Marquardt) all had strong yet differing opinions on the rankings of the top riders in the heat making the scoring and placings very tight for all of the positions in this final heat.


Moxie Pro Final Results
1 Julia Rick 87.9
2 Anna Nikstad 85.2
3 Maryh Rougier 84.6
4 Lisa Baloo 81.9
5 Jamie Lopina 81.3
6 Katinka Buiting 75.6
7 Rivers Hedrick 72.3
8 Anastasia Syrova 65.3

Stay tuned for the announcement of the Indmar Best Trick award from this event announced later this week. 

Anastasia Syrova from Thailand had a huge online support network throughout the entire event and took home the Fan Vote in this first digital event of 2021. Congratulations and nice work to Anastasia and her team.

In this incredible Moxie Pro event, women wakeboarders from over 11 countries around the globe and of all ages submitted their entries for the cable qualifying round. There was great riding from all of the women, but the camaraderie that was shared via social media and through the comments on the Moxie-Pro website were truly inspiring and exactly what the Moxie Pro Series is all about..

A huge thank you goes out to our sponsors – Body Glove, Supra Boats, Indmar Marine, Red Bull, Liquid Force, Wake Well & Terminus Cable Park


Moxie Pro Semifinals Results
Heat 1
1 Julia Rick 90
2 Anna Nikstad 83.75
3 Rivers Hedrick 76.5
4 Katinka Buiting 75.5
5 Katie Batchelor 61.75
6 Guoda Malinauskaite 55.75
7 Raequel Hoffman-McCosker 48.25
8 Maggie Kofke 44.25

Heat 2
1 Lisa Baloo 83.5
2 Maryh Rougier 74.25
3 Anastasia Syrova 73.25
4 Jamie Lopina 71
5 Jennifer Hoffman 61
6 Sky Stevens 57.75
7 Taylor McCollough 50
8 Laurielle Bui 46.25


Moxie Pro Round 1 Results
Heat 1
1 Rivers Hedrick 85.75
2 Anastasia Syrova 77.25
3 Sky Stevens 61.5
4 Katie Batchelor 60.25
5 Taylor McCullough 52.25
6 Laurielle Bui 45.75

 Heat 2
1 Katinka Buiting 81.5
2 Jennifer Hoffman 69.75
3 Guoda Malinauskaite 60
4 Raequel Hoffman-McCosker 50
5 Maggie Kofke 45.5


Special Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting the 2021 Body Glove Moxie Pro presented by Supra Boats! Body Glove, Supra Boats, Indmar Marine, Red Bull, Liquid Force, Wake Well & Terminus Cable Park.

Stay tuned for the Moxie Pro Series Boat event coming in a few weeks with all of the best women boat riders dropping hammers for your enjoyment!



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